David's Endorsers

David Olson is endorsed by a broad coalition of Republicans, Democrats, Independents, business organizations, labor organizations, and nearly the entire Pierce County Council who know that David is ready to go to work on day one.

Current Elected Officials
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Kim Wyman, Washington Secretary of State

Duane Davidson, Washington State Treasurer

Bruce Dammeier, Pierce County Executive

Jan Angel, Washington State Senator

Jesse Young, Washington State Representative

Zach Smith, Gig Harbor Fire Commissioner

Shawn Jensen, Key Peninsula Parks and Fire

Pam Roach, Pierce County Councilmember

Doug Richardson, Pierce County Councilmember

Jim McCune, Pierce County Councilmember

Steve O'Ban, Washington State Senator

Dick Muri, Washington State Representative

Joyce McDonald, Washington State Representative and Former Pierce County Councilmember

Community Members
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Caleb Heimlech, Chair of the Washington State Republican Party

Susan Hutchinson, Former Chair of the Washington State Republican Party

Marty McClendon, Candidate for Washington State Senate

Stan Flemming, Former Pierce County Councilmember

Marlyn Jensen, Republican Party Precinct Committee Officer

Robin Melin, Republican Party Precinct Committee Officer

John Fry, Republican Party Precinct Committee Officer

Dan White, Republican Party Precinct Committee Officer

Eric Minor, Republican Party Precinct Committee Officer

Gordon Claxton, Republican Party Precinct Committee Officer

Dave McMullen, Chair of the Pierce County Republican Party

Dave Morrell, Candidate for Pierce County Council

Rick Maloney, Former University Place School Board

Cathy Magni

Tim Mellema, Business Owner

John Hogan, Business Owner

Jim Day

Charles Prater

John Monson

Karen Monson

Jack Connelly

Angela Connelly

Len Zarelli

Skyler McFeeley

Woody Fail

Kathy Fail

Bill Driscoll

Harry Carter

Mike Abnernathy

Pamela Abernathy

Samuel Delaney

Anthony Hemstad

Clare Long

Leslie Janac

Joshua Penner

Tonia Olson

Craig Shurick

Patricia Manni

Jerry Chun

Harold Cline

David Messer Sr


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Pierce County Republican Party

26th LD Republicans

Master Builders Affordable Housing Council

Tacoma-Pierce County Association of Realtors

South Puget Sound Carpenters Local 129

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 612